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The Classic Pamela Positive: Don’t Accept What the World Is Presenting to You

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We\’re not going to be defeated. We are not going to be down. We are not going to be swayed into disagreements. We are going to focus on unity. We are going to focus on love.


We are not to going to get into a negative mindset. We are not going to follow the crowd of negativity. We are going to believe, we are going to love, we are going to give even if it hurts, even if it\’s hard, even if we\’re going against the pattern of the current tide.

Thank you for helping me and all of us — focus on a great sense of unity and love for the entire world. We can do it together, hand in hand.


We are not going to accept the negative train of thought, we\’re going to focus on positivity.

I will not be swayed by negative politics, I will use politics for a positive voice.

I will not by swayed by sexual harassment, I will keep my life and my mind pure. I will not be swayed by selfish business dealings, I will do business for the good of the world.


I will not be swayed by evil, I will make ethical choices at all points. I will not be saddened by divorce, I will be loving to everyone I meet.

Do not accept what the world is telling, love instead.

Choose Love,


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