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The Classic Pamela Positive: Don\’t Ever Give This Up: Humble Will

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\"peak-299011_640\"Don\’t ever give this up.  Your Humble Will.   It\’s your commitment to persevere.

Business models will change and do change. Systems change, marketplaces change, technology changes.

But your Humble Will to persevere cannot.  Your organization relies on it; your team must know it. And you must found this commitment to persevere deeply within your soul and daily execution.

Please note I add \”humble will.\” It\’s a listening commitment, a listening perseverance. You can\’t just bulldoze ahead….. You have to be in touch with your marketplace, sector, clients, board, partners, team in order to know the best way to go, each moment, each day. And that takes humble listening.

Don\’t ever give up your Humble Will to persevere.