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The Classic Pamela Positive: “Everything You Need Is Already Inside.” – Bill Bowerman

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Everything you need is already inside. Just do it.

Bill Bowerman

American Track and Field Coach

and Co-Founder of Nike, Inc


I love Bill Bowerman’s quote, as he speaks to the potential and belief in each one of us… We should always strive to be our best and to believe in ourselves, even if we don’t always achieve our immediate goal. The importance is in the process and our motives.

We should treat ourselves and others with the utmost care, meaning, “We believe!” The alternative is costly to our health, to what we can achieve, and to what the world will miss…

What I love is that Bill Bowerman translated this belief across many areas — personal values, sports training, and business. Believing isn’t relegated to any sector!

Bill Bowerman was one of our greatest Co-founders, leading the way with Nike. He does it with shoes, sports and life.   

Go Run to the Top,



William Jay ‘Bill’ Bowerman is known in the American sports history for being one of the best American track and field coaches and the co-owner and prime designer of the athletic shoe company Nike, Inc. Bowerman was attracted to the game of football since he was in his high school and used to play for his team in Medford and Seattle schools. The recognition of his talent only encouraged him to pursue it further and he enrolled himself at the University of Oregon where he played for the university team. But he discovered his inclination towards coaching rather than playing and he started to teach biology and coach at the same time at Franklin High School in Portland, later shifting to Medford.

Bowerman took a break from what he loved the most to serve his country during the Pearl Harbor attack and after serving four years in the American army he came back to teaching and coaching again. He became the head track coach at the University of Oregon and introduced many innovative techniques that helped athletes including bringing the concept of ‘jogging’ as a fitness technique to America from his travels to New Zealand. He wrote many books on jogging that sensationalized the idea in America and while he was propagating it, he co-founded America’s prominent athletic shoe making company called Nike, Inc. He was the head designer for the company and dedicated his life in creating shoes that helped athletes to perform better in the field.

Bowerman was born in Portland, Oregon and was raised in Fossil, Oregon by his mother after his parents split. In his childhood, he was part of the school band and the football team. He received his B.A. from the University of Oregon, where he studied journalism and played football. He also served in the military as a Major in the army during World War II. In his 24-year career he trained 31 Olympic athletes, twelve American record holders, 51 All-Americans and 24 NCAA champions. One year he won 4 NCAA titles. In 1964 he became the co-founder of Nike. He and his wife Barbara were high school sweethearts, married for more than 60 years and they had two children together. 

Bio Source: Wikipedia, The Famous People; Images: Fig¹.  Photo by Blake Cheek on Unsplash