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The Classic Pamela Positive: How Can One Love If He Believes Man is Deserving of Resentment?”

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“A common mistake is for someone to believe that they can love but at the same time have a grudge, resentment and ill will towards some fellow men. They fool themselves, but certainly not universal love. How can one love understandingly if he believes man is unlovable and deserving of resentment?”
Christian Science Sentinel

Dear Living and Giving Reader –

It\’s that clear.

If you truly want to love, you can\’t let an ounce of resentment rise. Please heal it quickly.

Otherwise, our love becomes adulterated and muddied.


You are probably thinking:

\”How does this relate to me? I am a leader. I am reading your blog to become a better leader. Well, where is the business tip!\”

But this is about business. And it\’s about life, too. See, if someone annoys you at work, or did something you resent, you hold that. You hold it within and people can feel it. It\’s dangerous. Your office will be changed. The culture will go… downhill.

But let\’s say you are amazing at keeping things inside. Maybe, the office doesn\’t know at all. You are professional and joyful.

But something else is affected. Your home. Your marriage. Your kids, friendships or important outside activities. They certainly don\’t deserve your negative comment or shortened patience.

For error and negativity will try to come out. So, you either need to heal it entirely; or, it will have its day. And probably on the people you love most.



So as a leader, continue in love and love only.

You know that issue that has been hanging.. so either go resolve it peacefully in your heart or have the conversation.

You know what you need to do.

Love, Pamela