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The Classic Pamela Positive: How You Can Give Back To A Youth- Without Money

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Do you know what some of the greatest needs of our youth today are?








So many of our youth need tangible, practical support.

Here are three key areas:

1. Emotional Support

That’s having someone who’s there to listen and to support you with whatever you are feeling, or facing.

2. Inspirational Support

This means that you are encouraging them to live their best lives and showing they can take a step forward, they can make a difference in their lives. Eventually, you want it to be not just about them, but about the future world that they’ll help create.




3. High Level Support

These are conversations that help youth understand how the world works and how they can impact the world. This makes them feel like their day-to-day and the world is “navigable”. How in a job they can support their future family. How they can march for freedom. How there is Temporary Assistance for Needy Families to help them get food and day-to-day support.

4. High-Level Attention

Many kids have been neglected. They might have been left on the streets. Or they might have parents who don\’t have time for them, or don\’t wish to spend time.

So how is it, exactly, that you can help? With your committed, High-Level Attention. Here some of the qualities that you can embody with any youth you encounter.


Be nurturing.

Provide friendship.

Give them some love.

Express compassion.

Be empathetic.

Affirm every good decision and every good word they speak.   

Help be a model for caring relationships, by caring for them.




    5. Recognize Any Accomplishment

During your time with them, you can identify their strengths and I would repeat it often. Remember, they missed out on needed, life-giving encouragement.   Everyone needs to hear that they’re good at something and often.

Recognize them for any accomplishment.




Celebrate their accomplishments, and often. Bring it up again and again. You\’re essentially saying: I see you

I See You Too,



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