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The Classic Pamela Positive: “I Have Learned Over The Years The Three Gs: Gratitude, God, Go Forward”

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“I have learned over the years the Three Gs: be Grateful, Go to God and Go forward!”     

 -Grey T. Full

Dear Living and Giving Reader,

Let\’s delve into this today, and see what it looks like! We can\’t miss with being grateful, and let\’s start there.


Be Grateful.

This can be big things like the wonderful relationship with your parents, your husband or your sweet kitten who is a solace for you at night. Or, it might be \”thank you for this nice flight\”, \”thank you for the peaceful drive\”, \”thank you that the sun is shining.\”

The important thing is to find something. Everyone can find something for which to be grateful. If you need help, call me and we can go through your life and find the good. You\’ll be amazed at the list!


Go to God.   

There is a power. There is a power watching over the world, watching over you, and helping move things forward.

You are not alone. Someone watches over you and loves you! Believe it now. Invest in Him/Her now, so that your life is supported by this Loving Strength and Wisdom.


Go Forward!  

With Gratitude and God on your side, you need to Go Forward. Take that next step.


You will get closer to your destiny and closer to your goals. Most importantly, you\’ll get closer to the loves of your life, whether it\’s finding a loving job, a loving husband or wife, or a peaceful neighborhood. You should be living in

Love in all facets of your life.

“I have learned over the years the Three Gs: be Grateful, Go to God and Go forward!”

 -Grey T. Full

You can do this today. You can do this every day.


Build a habit of

Gratitude, God and Going Forward.

I\’m Grateful For You and Looking Forward to Hearing About Your Progress!


Image: Fig1 Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash, Fig2 Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash, Fig3 Photo by Lindsay Henwood on Unsplash, Fig4 Photo by Emma Matthews on Unsplash