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The Classic Pamela Positive: “Ignorance of Certain Subjects Is a Great Part of Wisdom.” – Hugo De Groot

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“Ignorance of certain subjects is a great part of wisdom.”

Hugo de Groot

Dutch Humanist, Diplomat, Lawyer,

Theologian, Jurist, Poet and Playwright

Ignorance is Good.

Ignorance of gossip. Ignorance of unnecessary negative thoughts.  Ignorance of self-doubting thoughts, and ignorance of unhelpful suggestions which come to our thought.  A lot of these thoughts are just not true…. and don\’t find yourself accepting them as part of your normal experience.


We all go through a tough day.  Yet we need to defend our thoughts, and therefore our life. Our life is based upon our thought. What you think will come through to fruition… It does not mean we ignore life lessons, a candid talk with ourselves; and at times, gently with others; it does not mean everything is perfect.


But in general, we pursue being, doing and recognising good. 



Hugo de Groot (1583-1645), also called Hugo Grotius, was a philosopher and a theologian, and worked as a jurist in the Dutch Republic. He was extremely influential in the creation of international law. He wrote a number of books, including On the Law of War and Peace, addressing subjects such as just wars and rules to govern conflict. His overall purpose was to urge restraint in rushing to war, and to urge reasonable conduct once war was engaged. In 1608 he married Maria van Reigersberch, with whom he would have eight children (four surviving beyond youth) and who would be invaluable in helping him and the family to weather the storm to come.

Bio Source: Wikipedia  Fig¹.  Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels  Fig².  Photo by Christina Morillo on Unsplash