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The Classic Pamela Positive: \”Man Was Never Intended to Become an Oyster\” – Theodore Roosevelt

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“Get action. Seize the moment. Man was never intended to become an oyster.”
– Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt was a true action man. He tumbled down the rivers of Brazil in turbulent times in South America. He took a stand for civil rights when it was not popular to do so. He defied the odds in elections, time and time again. He was persecuted and persevered in so many realms, overcoming his fears.


Theodore Roosevelt is famous for his larger-than-life personality, adventurous lifestyle, and strong opinions.  He was an avid outdoorsman all his life, fought in the Spanish American War, wrote books on history and naturalism, and made expeditions to Africa and South America.  He was prominent in politics, holding a number of offices; he is still the youngest person to be President of the United States.  Though popularly known as \”Teddy\” (and the inspiration for \”teddy bears\”), Roosevelt actually disliked the nickname, considering it too informal.