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The Classic Pamela Positive: \”Nothing Can Outweigh a Love Filled Heart\” – Heinrich Heine

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Nothing Can Outweigh a Love Filled Heart.

\”Of Pearls and Stars 

The pearly treasures of the sea,

The lights that spatter heaven above,

More precious than these wonders are 

My heart-of-hearts filled with your love. 

The ocean\’s power, the heavenly sights 

Cannot outweigh a love filled heart. \”

 -Heinrich Heine

German Poet, Writer and Literary Critic


What a lovely lesson from Heinrich Heine, an essayist from the 19th century.   He writes how love affects him personally, and how no matter how stunningly beautiful the sky, stars, and oceans, nothing overcomes love.


While we can be grateful for the beautiful nature, we can be more grateful for all the beautiful love we have in our lives. There is someone who loves and you love. Hug them today. Don\’t take them for granted!

Believe It Today!



Heinrich Heine  (13 December 1797 – 17 February 1856) German poet and journalist, born at Düsseldorf, of Jewish parents, on the 13th of December 1797. His father, after various vicissitudes in business, had finally settled in Düsseldorf, and his mother, who possessed much energy of character, was the daughter of a physician of the same place. Heinrich was the eldest of four children, and received his education, first in private schools, then in the Lyceum of his native town; he acquired a knowledge of French and English, as well as some tincture of the classics and Hebrew. In October 1834 Heine made the acquaintance of a young Frenchwoman, Eugénie Mirat, a saleswoman in a boot-shop in Paris, and before long had fallen passionately in love with her. Although ill-educated, vain and extravagant, she inspired the poet with deep and lasting affection.

As a prose writer, Heine\’s merits were very great. His work was, in the main, journalism, but it was the journalism of a high order, and, after all, the best literature of the \”Young German\” school to which he belonged was of this character. Heine\’s light fancy, his agile intellect, his straightforward, clear style stood him here in excellent stead. The prose writings of his French period mark, together with Börne\’s Briefe aus Paris, the beginning of a new era in German journalism and a healthy revolt against the unwieldy prose of the Romantic period.   

BioSource: NNDB; Images: Fig¹. Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash, Fig². Photo by Everton Vila on Unsplash