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The Classic Pamela Positive: Read This If You Want To See A True Team At Work

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Dear Living and Giving Readers,

I just had to share what a wonderful note I received from one of my core team members, Aurora. She works in the Office of the CEO, and is dedicated, professional, and really strives to serve the world! Imagine my surprise as CEO when I received this:


\”Hi Pamela, Sam, Ayuko,

Today (April 20th, 2018) is my birthday—and in the spirit of Living and Giving™, I wanted to \”donate\” today. I\’ll still send my EOD (End of Day) Report, but I won\’t mark today\’s three hours in Paychex.

While I personally don\’t have a lot of money to donate, I at least hope that donating my time in this way can demonstrate my appreciation for UniversalGiving®.

Thank you so much for all that you do, making the world a better and kinder place.



PS: I\’ve been accepted to Princeton\’s Ph.D. program for Politics, focusing on International Relations. I requested a one-year deferral so that I can start a church with my friends first in 2018; and, Princeton approved of the deferral request! So, I\’ll be getting my Ph.D. starting in Fall 2019! Thank you for all your support since September, encouraging me to grow as a professional and as a person.\”




As CEO, you have a lot of news, positive and challenging, that you receive every day. Imagine when I received such positive news above. A team member so dedicated, caring and loving.  It fills your heart. You certainly don’t expect it and when it happens, you are floating with gratitude for days.

And so here was my response. It’s so important to be grateful, but also to recognize and celebrate their lives holistically:


\”Dear Aurora!

What inspiring and exciting news… CONGRATULATIONS! I am calling you right now. Aurora, that is just wonderful news on all fronts.

First, on Princeton. What an achievement. We are so pleased you are advancing in such a wonderful way. What a gift for them and you to have this opportunity! You will learn so much on the international front… I can\’t wait to hear!

Second, great you are accomplishing your goals on the church front. Aung and I pray and say affirmations in the office, and it\’s lovely. He\’s Buddhist and I\’m Christian, and it\’s a great way for us to share and give strength to our world and UniversalGiving®. So good for you accomplishing this spiritual goal for yourself. Sharing positivity is so important, and you\’ve chosen an important way!

Third, what a great gift! To donate your hard work for today… what an honor to have your thoughtfulness. You are a true, dear, kind ethical and utmost caring person. How honored we are to have you! That will sing in my heart for many years to come. I’m also CC-ing a few other core team members from UniversalGiving® because we love to celebrate our positive culture and any good news!

Thank you again, Aurora, for your great news, and sharing it with our  UniversalGiving® Family. We are rejoicing for you! Great job! Wonderful! Upwards you go, dear Aurora!

Warmly and with Great Gratitude,



Sometimes, when we work at a nonprofit or do good in the world, we forget it can come right back to you. Aurora gave me that gift today. I am so grateful for Aurora Ling who is a precious member of the UniversalGiving® team.

Everyone has a team. It might be at work; a certain Business Unit; a wrestling team – you\’re the coach or you\’re on it; your Quaker prayer meeting, mosque, family or after school Physics class.

Be grateful for everything, and especially for your team, today!