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The Classic Pamela Positive: Sticking With The Beauty Of Loving Yourself And Others

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In this article¹ by fellow Fast Company blogger, Alicia Morga, advised: \”Adopt the Cindy Crawford motto: no flaws…stick with the beauty of loving yourself and others.\”

As Cindy Crawford says,

\”Never point out your flaws, but do admit to your mistakes.\”

―Cindy Crawford

American Model, Actress, and Entrepreneur

What a powerful distinction. Cindy is an accomplished wife, mother, businesswoman, spokesperson and model. She\’s demonstrated beauty in so many ways, specifically through her acumen, well-spoken manner, desire to make a beautiful life and home accessible to everyone, and most importantly, knowing that true, lasting beauty starts and comes from within.


Beauty is about trusting yourself, appreciating your unique qualities, just as we should for other people. It\’s one of our greatest age old wisdoms, to love your neighbor as yourself.  And to love our neighbor as ourselves, we have to start with, yes, you and me.


So, as Cindy advises, don\’t point out areas of yourself that are weak. You might be working on those, and we all have areas of improvement. Do demonstrate your positive qualities of intellect, kindness, graciousness, honesty, selflessness. We recognize and celebrate these abundantly.

There will be a time, many times, when we all need to own up to mistakes or ways we can be better. Then we, with rapid fire, should admit our mistakes and, where necessary, apologize. Part of our beauty is cultivating caring, honest, open relationships where we admit where we could have been better. With this admittance comes strength and a more beautifully enduring relationship with others – and ourselves.


Truth is beauty. We start with the Truth of what is good about us and others.

We stay with that until we find a time where we need to admit where we fell down. And we avoid simply putting others, or ourselves, down at all.

Stick With The Beauty Of loving Yourself And Others,



Cindy Crawford was a popular supermodel of the \’80s and \’90s. She has also been involved in fitness campaigns and appeared in TV and movies.  Since retiring from modeling in 2000, she has been working on creating beauty products and home furnishings.

She married businessman and former model Rande Gerber on May 29, 1998. They have two children, son Presley Walker Gerber (born July 2, 1999) and daughter Kaia Jordan Gerber (born September 3, 2001). Both of her children went into modeling.

When Crawford was ten, her three-year-old brother Jeff died of leukemia. Since then, a focal point of her charity work has been childhood leukemia research. She is an official supporter of the Ronald McDonald House Charities and an honorary committee member of the California Wildlife Center.

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