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The Classic Pamela Positive: The Right Timing in Your Life: What We Can Learn from Japan\’s Edo Era

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During the Edo era in Japan (1603-1868), the only wood they’d use from the forest was if a branch had fallen from a tree. In the same way, we don’t pick fruit before it’s ripe.

We don’t wrench the immature tomato from the vine. When it is the right time, you\’ll find it almost drops off naturally in your hand.




Perhaps then, the message for us in present-day is, don’t cut down the wood until the tree is ready to release its branch. Perhaps all the wood we need will fall naturally and offer itself to you. This will be right timing for the tree as well as your needs.

Is there an area you are pushing for, that is perhaps unripe? Perhaps it\’s time to gently let it go. We can let right timing lead, delivering the gift to you and everyone, at its specially appointed time.

Let\’s enjoy the gifts, events, and happenstances which are given naturally to us.


Fig¹.  Photo by Davor Denkovski on Unsplash