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The Classic Pamela Positive: The Top Thing Everyone Loves

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\”Smiling is Free\”

Dove Love

Chocolate Company


It\’s one of the greatest things.

Don\’t forget to do this.

Everyone loves this.

And even if they are having a really really bad day — if you smile at them — they will smile back at you, simply by reflex.


Bring some peace to someone’s troubled heart today. I am leaving work now, and with a smile.




Dove Chocolate, sold as Galaxy in other countries, is a Mars Company owned and operated brand of chocolate that is virtually in all supermarkets and convenience stores across the US. They are well known for their silky and smooth texture and are well liked. However, what makes each chocolate special is the addition of a quote inside each of their wrappers, which has attracted both praise and critique from many consumers.

Dove Chocolate messages like “Believe in yourself,” and “Make the most of everyday,” and others dealing with hope, mindfulness, and inspiration, bring positivity to the life of the reader. However, some people feel that sayings like “Too much of a good thing is still wonderful,” and “Do what feels right,” are misleading and maybe giving people bad advice, and have been poking fun at the wrapper messages. You can take a look at photos of their wrappers by clicking here and you can read a compilation of their messages here.

Images: Fig¹. Gratisography on Pexels, Fig². Lesly Juarez on Unsplash