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The Classic Pamela Positive: \”Today Is Filled With Opportunity To Do Good, And To Be Your Best Self. – Khalil Gibran

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Every day we have a chance to give our all. It\’s not always the big presentation or the graduation day, however. It\’s not always the first day on the job, the day we get married, have a promotion or have a child!

\”Today is filled with opportunity to do good, and to be your best self.\”

Khalil Gibran

Lebanese-American Writer, Poet and Visual Artist

So how can we do that?


It can be in how you treat your co-workers. It can be how you enter a room. It can be a simple smile as you pass someone in the hallway. It can even be in how you say \”Good morning\”!

Gibran encourages us that the legacy we are leaving as individuals starts today. It\’s not something that shows up 60 or 70 years later down the road. Legacy and your temple of living begins now.

So start building your temple. It\’s in how you greet each person, help each person, in every activity, every day. That\’s a calling!

Love To You Today As You Build Your Special Temple,



Khalil Gibran was born on January 6, 1883, in Bsharri, Lebanon. He immigrated with his mother and siblings to Boston in 1895 – his father remained in Lebanon to address financial matters. Gibran would return to Lebanon three years later to continue his education but returned to America after illness took the life of one of his sisters. He met Mary Haskell who encouraged his artistic development. During his life, Gibran was a prolific artist who created hundreds of paintings and drawings. In 1920, he was a co-founder, along with other poets of Arab and Lebanese backgrounds, of The Pen-bond Society, a literary society, also known as Al Rabitat al Qualamiya. Gibran\’s works, written in both Arabic and English, are full of lyrical outpourings and express his deeply religious and mystical nature. The Prophet (1923), a book of poetic essays, achieved cult status among American youth for several generations. In 1928, he published Jesus, the Son of Man. Gibran died in New York City on April 10, 1931.

Bio Source: Wikipedia  Fig¹.  Photo by Rohan Iyer on Unsplash