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The Classic Pamela Positive: \”What the World Needs Is People Who Have Come Alive\” – Howard Thurman

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\”Don\’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.\”

– Howard Thurman


This is very true.






Often I hear people say,\”Oh! I wish I did something meaningful like you do, helping the world.\”


Working in philanthropy is a wonderful way to serve. But just because you aren\’t a social worker, teacher, or philanthropist doesn\’t mean you aren\’t living a meaningful life of service.


Follow what your deepest inner voice tells you – not what society says. You are created for a purpose.






It may be that you have a passion and talent for design. Help make peoples\’ homes a special haven. We all need a haven, and a place to welcome others, and ourselves.






Perhaps you love numbers. Become an accountant or work at a bank. Help provide order and semblance to the operations and reports.


What would I do without my bank? Where would I put the deposits of donations for UniversalGiving? We need you, and we need a good banker.






You love sports. Play that game with integrity and enthusiasm! With the greatest sportsmanship. You will be a model for everyone watching, your colleagues, the audience, the referees, and any children present. Modeling positive energy and ethics, you can\’t lose.


So much of life is simply how we live each moment. It\’s how we govern each activity.






You serve by being kind. You serve by following your passion. You serve by being true to yourself. Don\’t do what you think you should do; do what you are created to do. You will find all types of wonderful people needing your inspiration and services, in ways you\’ve never imagined.


And remember, the most important is \”who you be.\” Did you live kindly, with integrity, with joy today?


That\’s the greatest service to our world, and open to all.


Take the time,