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The Days of Linear Giving Are Over

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The days of \”linear giving\” are over — what I mean is, it\’s not \”I give you this, you give me that.\”   That\’s Linear Giving and it doesn\’t always happen.


First, you can\’t truly give with the expectation that you are going to get something in return.  It\’s just not the right motivation.  And it will upset the balance of giving, turning it into something it\’s not…
We need to give because we sincerely want to. Because it\’s the right thing to do. It\’s helpful, kind, nourishing to the world. And ultimately it does help ourselves… we feel nourished and uplifted by the mere act of being generous.
And it won\’t stop there. More good will continue to come to you, in ways you never expected.  From different places, different sources, and in unique ways!  It\’s truly quite exciting…to see good unfold, when we let it go.  
So let\’s not give and expect back. It\’s not A gives to B, and B to gives to A.
It\’s A gives to B.  And then A gives to C and D.  Then X, M, Q and V give back to A at different times and ways in the future.


\"\"It\’s circular, spherical, timeless, unbound, everconnecting giving… which is taking place, and always has been.