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The Future for Social Media

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Predicting the next big trend in social media is a widespread goal.  I recently read an article  by David Armano which offered some good insights.  \”Six Social Media Trends for 2010\” looks at where we are, and suggests where we might be going.  David also asked for our own predictions.  Here are the three I can see:

1- Global Phone Pals. We\’ll see increased world peace and  understanding due to more people communicating so easily through global phone networks, begin \’phone pals\’ rather then penpals. We\’ll see this most with the generation starting at age 10. They don\’t know anything else but a global world.

2- Focus on Quality. People will fatigue of keeping up numerous sites. They\’ll begin to pick a few which provide excellence in information and stick with those sites which can consistently deliver the following:

– Quality Information
– Quality Interaction (with other, qualified people providing value/excellence in their social media experience)

3- Specific Successes and Failures.  We\’ll see some sites crash and burn, but not always across the board. We\’re already seeing some social media sites fail in one country and thrive in others (ie Friendster: failed in U.S., but succeeding in Asia, primarily the Phillipines.)

What trends do you see in social media for the future?