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The Heart of Mediation: It\’s About Honoring the Other Person\’s Story

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I\’ve been taking a mediation course and learning so much. Mediation is such a special skill, as you don\’t come up with any of the solutions.
Your goal is to listen and ensure each party is heard equitably. In essence, they need to have their story recognized and heard.  Then, you facilitate that each person\’s story is fully understood by the other party. That\’s a pretty tough job!
Once you get there, healing can take place. Solutions arise.
But you can\’t just pop in a solution (even if it seems clear to you). That\’s not your role.
Your role is have them come up with the solution together.
That makes sense.  They create the solution; they live with the solution.
Everyone wants to be heard. We want people to know how we feel and what we experience.
The next time you face a challenge, why not listen to their story?
Let\’s not force a solution; it is often short-term.   There is joy in coming up with a right, honorable solution for all. It is there.

Today, they asked us to write why are here, so here are my thoughts: