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The Importance of a 95-Year-Old King for Us All

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There are some people who truly appreciate family.

And Michael Quattrone, co-founder of Hearthfire, is one of them.  An accomplished singer, actor, director – and  most importantly, sincere person of the heart — knows very well the importance of family.  And sometimes, we forget to to do so with slow, sincere gratitude.  Below, Michael took time to write about and celebrate a special family member\’s birthday:

\”I wrote [this song] last year for my grandfather’s 95th birthday. The whole family gathered around while I sang it to him, and then everyone joined in while his children each spoke a few words about him.  It was special for both of us.\”

Long Live the King

If a man could be a king,
Then you would surely be
The king of everything,
Because you’re everything to me.

And you have shared your crown
With everyone around.
It may be hard to see,
We each wear it differently.

But on your birthday we can say
We are grateful for the way
You have shown us how to live
And how to love and how to give.

Even when our swords were crossed,
We knew we were never lost.
You stood by your family,
That’s the way a king should be.

Now you’re turning ninety-five,
Your heart is at its most alive.
I see the softness in your eyes,
Long live the king.

Now you’re turning ninety-five
Your heart is at its most alive.
I see the light behind your eyes,
Long live the king.

~ Michael Quattrone


\"\"Michael Quattrone is a singer, songwriter and seeker whose greatest curiosity and most profound learning are sparked at the threshold between inner life and outward expression. By honoring his journey in music and poetry, and sharing his passion for the creative process, Michael encourages others to raise their voices, express their gratitude, and live in harmony.  Read more on Hearthfire.