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The Kindest Encouragement to Yourself – Use This Everyday! From M. Bentham-Edwards

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If you need to know how to live right, this is it.  Help the world glow, burn bright, comfort others…. Read on and take action in your life today. Perhaps you can memorize just one line, copy it in your pocket, and look at it throughout the day!

A Prayer ~M. Bentham-Edwards

“….make my life a little light,

Within the world to glow;

A tiny flame that burneth bright

Wherever I may go


…make my life a little flower

That giveth joy to all

Content to bloom in a native bower,

Although its place be small


…make my life a little song,

That comforteth the sad;

That helpeth others be strong,

And makes the singer glad


….make my life a little staff,

Whereon the weak may rest,

That so what health and strength I have

May serve my neighbors best.”



Matilda Bentham-Edwards was an English novelist, writer, traveler, poet, and had a passion and love for the French language. She also wrote several children\’s books as part of her career. She had immediate success once she began writing with her first novel The White House by the Sea in 1857. After the passing of her sister, she began a new chapter of her life in London where she wrote novels of French lives. She also wrote children\’s and non-fiction books that were based on the French lifestyle.

Although Bentham-Edwards was of Huguenot descent, she considered France her second home and had a passion for bringing a benevolent relationship between the two countries. She was made Officier de l’Instruction Publique de France in light of her efforts to bring an understanding and allegiance between the English and French people. Additionally, she was awarded a medal at the Franco-British Exhibition in 1908.