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The Most Important Thing You Can\’t Miss at the HUB — A Hub Moment

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There are many milestones UniversalGiving has reached since joining the Hub. We can talk about the fact that within one month our volunteer opportunities have jumped from 100 to 400. That we have reached greater sustainability from our corporate revenue, demonstrating strong social entrepreneurship.

Another area of the Hub that is special is the amazing community all over the world. We feel privileged to operate out of the Hub, and connect with so many members at Hubs globally. The last one I visited was Hub Roma which was extremely creative, with performances and artists abounding.

However, my favorite Hub moment doesn\’t have to do much with the world or UniversalGiving. Instead, I met a kind friend Anastasia Miron in the Hub kitchen. She was a Hub Host. She knows that I love to cook and care for people, whether for friends, people at the Hub, the UniversalGiving team or for my growing nephews and nieces! As we were cooking together she and I struck up a conversation that turned into a wonderful friendship. She is here on a visa for six months every year and instead of her renting out a place she stays in our home. She just goes back and forth between Roma and the U.S. as she needs.

We are now in the fourth year of this happening and she has just got her full work visa! So now she had asked to become my official roommate for which I am most grateful. Now I have one of my best friends sharing heart, friendship and the global view all in our home.

You never know who you might meet at the Hub! Of course lots of entrepreneurs, creative nonprofits, and impact investors. And you\’ll definitely get fed here and there. But don\’t miss the most important thing —the new family of friends you\’ll meet. What a joy!



Anastasia Miron is the co-founder of GlobeIn, an online marketplace that features thousands of handmade and Fair Trade products sourced from direct relationships with artisans as well as vetted partner organizations. Anastasia is a natural born Social Innovator with a strong passion for solving problems which she does through clownery. Her every day struggle is to serve  humanity by being joyful, humble and smile even when it\’s not easy to. As an impulsive female-entrepreneur she commits to the causes 100% and does it with meaning!

Some of her areas of interest include; – e-everything (e-commerce, e-governance, e-learning etc.), everything social (social business, social entrepreneurship, social media, etc.), sustainability, impact financing, crowdfunding, micro credits, The Hub, Smile therapy, Yoga & climbing.

She loves to inspire and to be inspired! (Source)