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The Nicest “I’m Leaving” Email I’ve Ever Received

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May 2018

We have a wonderful team at UniversalGiving, and I am always grateful. So even when it’s sad and people move on, it doesn’t have to be an ending. Read below from a Kurd refugee, Evin Elif Baysal, who is definitely an eternal part of the UniversalGiving family.

As you build teams, please remember. It’s always about the relationship.  Keep that, and you are always gaining! Below, you’ll see Evin’s email, and my response.

An Email from Evin Elif Baysal


Dear Pamela,

Since I first met you on June 2017, I had great, amazing time with UniversalGiving. When I first came from my home country I was all alone, looking for an open door and trying to built my new home here. I was vulnerable, heart broken and scared. As A Kurd, I was no longer belonged to my home and had to find a new way to survive. I left my family behind and I knew, I was not going to see them for years. I was just graduated with a good degree and with good experiences with many companies. But I was going to put aside my education, my carrier and I was going to start a new life in a new country, with a new culture as an immigrant.

I traveled all way to United States and was sure will stay here and built a new home.  I had to search for a job for months with little money. Somehow, I managed to work in a restaurant. But, I had to keep my professional life alive as well. At that time I came across with UniversalGiving. I knew it was almost impossible to be accepted by any companies without a US degree as an foreigner internship. But, UniversalGiving was the one who accepted my internship right away and welcomed me in the warmest way. I earned great experiences, great friendships and priceless time with UniversalGiving. Sometimes, it was very tough that I would trouble you all with many questions, or sometimes it would be a piece of cake and would do some tasks in seconds. It was full of excitement and adventure.

I will have to start a new period in my life. I will try to either study in a new field here in US or try to built my own business. On that journey of choosing a path in my life, I will absolutely need your leadership and help. I would love to hear your suggestions with your great experience. I would love to be in touch and spend time as friends in the future.

Sam will also receive this email. She has been helping me a lot. She is a great professional with great energy. She has helped me a lot and she is a unique partner at work. Hope life will bring you the best Sam. You deserve the best.

I love you all and really do appreciate all your help and kindness. We will still be together.




Dear Evin, you are such a wonderful person. We are so grateful to have you!

You have written a beautiful letter. You are a wonderful professional and we are so grateful to know you. You are a wonderful help, and I can\’t tell you how grateful we are. Thank you, thank you, for all you have done.

We are so grateful to have your kind support.

You continue to be a part of the UniversalGiving family and an Ambassador. You are always a part of us!

With Gratitude for you!