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The Pamela Pensive: Celebrating \”Day of Freedom\”

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In Egypt, they\’ve recently celebrated a \”Day of Departure,\” which was one of the first steps towards freedom.   Tens of thousands of local Egyptians, community members just like us, stormed outside of Hosni Mubarak\’s palace in the hopes of forcing him out of office.  Each person had a call and mission: A desire for Freedom. This Day of Departure was its beginning.

It was soon followed by a Day of Anger.

This Day of Anger was facilitated by a similar uprising, the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia, and the help of Twitter and socially mobilized technology.   Further, Egyptians dropped many ideological differences and banded together. Again, it was an effort towards a Day of Freedom – a Life of Freedom.

It is unfortunate that Anger be associated with this day and that such virulent protests are needed. Yet with our country as well, we, too, had to take a firm stand versus the \”Mother Country.\”  The American revolutionaries raised objections such as taxation without their consent, or the quartering of British military in their towns during peace time.  Thomas Jefferson presented a long list of grievances in his famous Declaration of Independence.  And so, we had to take up arms, and unfortunately fight.

So we fought a War of Freedom, and we live a graciously free life today, albeit there can always be improvement. But we get to live with the right to free speech, the right to demonstrate, the right to hold differing religious views, the right to leave or enter our country.  The right to the pursuit of happiness, and therefore of freedom.

I hope as Egyptians move forward they, too, will be able to find A Day, and Life of Freedom in whatever way that manifests itself in their culture.