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The Pamela Pensive: Leadership Starts to Crumble…

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“I think leadership starts to crumble when it becomes inconsistent.  People don’t know which way the wind’s blowing.  What’s the CEO going to decide today?” —Kevin O’Connor

Kevin points out something that we all want in life: security.  And that\’s not just true in leadership, but any relationship, be it a friend, husband, co-worker, boss, church member, soccer teammate.  Knowing that someone will be consistent, and consistently thoughtful in their decisions, is the foundation for any strong relationship. We have to try to be clear communicators, be clear in our actions and, when the right thing to do, stick by our actions.

Kevin O’Connor is the co-founder and CEO of, a comparitive search engine.  He also launched several technology companies in the past, including DoubleClick and Intercomputer Communications Corporation.