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The Pamela Positive: The Energy for Enthusiasm…Is Based on Gratitude

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I find that one way to keep a flow of enthusiasm going is to live in the present moment and to practice gratitude. Right now, can I think a positive thought? What is going well? No matter how tough it gets, there has to be something that is going well. Thank you that the sun is shining. Thank you that I have a great father, or wonderful relationship with my sister. If you are in America, thank you that I have the right to vote, that I have the right to choose hundreds of places to eat from every day.

For the challenges that seem to stop that flow of enthusiasm, I have to remember, it will pass. The mountain will pass and at some point, you get to start walking downhill. So keep climbing, keep being grateful, and…keep going.

My 97 year old Oma and grandmother, one of my best friends, once told me, “Whenever I feel down I find something to be grateful for, and I find someone else who is in a worse situation and help them. It helps me be grateful.”