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The Pamela Positive: Arianna Huffington Shares the Value of Sleep

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I believe in balance and try to practice it.  No job can be everything to anyone…. it’s important to have outside lives and interests.  This is what makes us a whole, fully giving person.  And when we return to our work we are more energized and inspired!

In my life, family is #1 for me.  I need to and want to take care of my mom, my dad, my sister and brother-in-law’s kids.  Secondly, I adore Improv!   Exploring different characters, connecting with others on stage, and following the wisdom of listening and intuition is so thrilling. It makes me a better person and communicator, as well being fun.  And in many ways, this balance is rest, too.

So in order to be rested, I think it is certainly sleep and taking care that we are not overloaded. Balance is also being energized in doing other activities.  

At a recent TED talk, Arianna Huffington emphasized the importance of taking care of ourselves.  She spoke about how getting enough sleep will change our lives, and enable us to change the world.  Having rest, sleep, regeneration, rejuvenation, is so important to being the best selves we can be.  View Arianna’s speech here.