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The Pamela Positive: Better To Make a Few Mistakes Being Natural

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\”Better to make a few mistakes being natural than to do everything out of a feeling of worry.\” 
The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care, Dr. Benjamin Spock, 1946

It\’s better to make a few mistakes being natural.   It\’s important to be who we are in a natural, real way.  If we get everything right, and are absolutely perfect, but it\’s done with anxiety…. then it actually isn\’t right, is it?

What we do needs to be done with care, love, calm.  With joy and sincerity…and since Dr. Benjamin Spock was a famous leader in parenting in the 40s, I\’ll take his advice not only for parenting, but also for management.  And for our communications, how we live our lives, how we treat others…

Dr. Spock was an influential writer on childrearing, who advocated for increased flexibility and affection in the treatment of infants and children.  He was also an Olympic gold medalist in rowing, and a peace advocate.