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The Pamela Positive: Choose People, Over Things, At All Times

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We get so caught up in e-commerce these days. The digital universe seems to rule our entire universe.  Being online has not only become part of our lives but much of our lives.  Sometimes, we spend more time with a computer, than with family.


But the draw is there… all the shiny things to buy!  The thrill of a sale. All the interesting things to explore.  How it shines and dangles before us!  

Our minds go back and forth…

That new purse!

The fancy new leather chair

A new diamond?

Wow sounds so sparkly!


Maybe. I want that.

Maybe a jaguar or BMW sounds special.  

I just want to shop!

Get me more stuff, it\’s fun!!  


Well, Living and Giving Team…

Not really…

Let\’s recenter, Living and Giving team, with your heart on what is important.  We are so into ecommerce these days, rather than being present with people. 

\”Choose people, over things, at all times\”

It is the warm smile — from anyone. Your wife, your husband, the person at CVS, the bus driver, anyone.  Someone random smiled at you….  You feel warm.     


It is the kind help from a neighbour.  They were just thinking of you and brought over some food.  

The Druze leader, temple head, pastor, Muslim cleric who guides you, nurture you, and helps you be a better person; you are grateful to know them and that they are in your life.  

It\’s your support group counsellor who tells you they see you succeeding.  It fills your heart with warmth.  

It\’s your support group colleague who reassures you they will be there for you, through anything. 

It is your mom who just listens and loves through anything… 


It is your dog who greets you as if you are the BEST person they have ever met 

It is your nephew who says \”Thanks! That 10-minute call really boosted my day!\”  

Your child that gurgles and glows at you with joy.

The child you mentor and tutor in Math through the foster care program, who looks lost when you start and looks more peaceful by the time you part.

The elderly person you visit at the respite home where you sing songs together as an activity.   


All of these people and people interactions above bring love in your life  It brings love, warmth, goodness, joy. You are filled. You are expanded with more power…. a loving power, a force of kindness and goodness that surrounds you.  Love is your joy. Love is your wealth .

So it\’s not things that give you this power…

\”Choose people, over things, at all times\”

Perhaps think again about life. What do you need to reconfigure?  What focus is on consumption, and what focus is on people?  How do you spend your time?

Good things to think about.   Your life is as wealthy as you make it

Focus on the People in Your Life, 


Image: Fig1. Photo by on Unsplash,  Fig2. Photo by Sam Lion on Pexels, Fig3. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels, Fig4. Photo by Amina Filkins from Pexels, Fig5. Photo by Jordan Whitt on Unsplash, Fig6. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels