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The Pamela Positive: Clif Bar\’s Admonition: Assess and Reduce Your Impact

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Continuing on our theme of MATERIAL CHOICE, Clif Bar has some helpful advice about assessing and reducing your impact.  Use what\’s local and  support supply chain manufacturers with a low foot print.

Yet my favorite is \”How Many?\”   This is a question not only for companies but for us as people. How many trees are we cutting down, how many gallons (or drips) of precious water are we using, or how much energy are we depleting?   And…can we reduce that impact?

Clif Bar wisely counsels itself as a company — and as a byproduct us as individuals — to be conscientious about how we use our precious earth, every day.


1) Minimize shopping for packaging components.
Buy packaging that\’s made close by.

2) Choose green energy for packaging manufacture.
Support supply chain partners with a smaller carbon footprint.

3) Do the numbers.
How many resources – trees, water, energy – does this package consume? Can we build it better?

Clif Bar sells energy bars, and does so while focusing on five bottom lines: sustaining the planet, the community, their people, their business and their brands.  Clif Bar is an inspiring example of a company that is socially conscious at every stage, from the ingredients they use to the packaging they sell their food in to the way they\’re engaging with the community.