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The Pamela Positive: Henry De Sio, COO for Obama Campaign: \”Leadership in Private Moments Can Transform Organizations.\”

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A year ago, I was invited to a gathering of social innovators at the White House.  Today, I continue our series on wisdom learned.

\”Leadership in private moments can transform organizations. So can repositioning your leadership.\” – Henry De Sio

De Sio means that you need to “know and establish” your position of leadership.  As president, can you go from the crisis of Haiti to the balcony at the symphony? It\’s important to be able to be present and accessible with people in a variety of situations.

Yet De Sio mentions we \”shouldn\’t stay too long in either place.\”   A leader will be called to many situations.  We will need to help numerous constituents, in diverse circumstances.  It\’s best for all of us to be present with those we are serving.  Then, we need to listen as to where the need for leadership presents itself.

But the most important thing, no matter where we are, or what role we are in, is to simply and kindly be ourselves.

Henry F. De Sio, Jr.was Chief Operating Officer at Obama for America in the 2008 presidential election.  He has also served as a senior White House aide for Obama.  Before working with the Obama campaign, De Sio founded Way Forward Strategies, which he plans to return to this summer.  Way Forward strategies focuses on executive coaching, promoting leadership and communication.