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The Pamela Positive: \”Hire Stars…Support Them…Help Them Be Amazing.\”

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Patty Azzarello\’s astute management advice speaks to the vigilance one has to have in building a team.

You need a strong team that is supported.  They need to stay focused on the high level decisions.  If they are dragged down by management issues, your organization won\’t reach its goals, nor the impact your service should have.

Patty\’s comments below:
Effective leaders build a team underneath them that is so capable that they are free to solve higher-order problems.

Don\’t cover for a weak team: If you\’re personally stepping in to do the work because you have weak spots (team members who are not capable or motivated enough to step up to do more), you hold yourself back and fail to deliver high value. Hire stars, give them big work, support them, and let them excel. Help them be amazing.