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The Pamela Positive: How Your Laundry Helps the Environment!

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You might want to join Project Laundry List.  I’m sure most of us don’t think about joining an interest group that supports laundry, but this might be one to consider.  Recently, there’s been a movement across our country to reduce the use of unwarranted energy.  Many families are beginning to dry their clothes on traditional clothing lines, outdoors.  It saves much energy (clothes dryers often account for 12% of a house\’s total energy use!)  You might be able to use your natural environment to do the same thing as your dryer.

In some communities it may not be possible to do this due to weather, and understandably, sometimes due to busy schedules.  Each person has to determine where they place their energy in helping preserve our environment.

There is a bit of an uproar in some communities, calling these laundry lines unsightly.  Perhaps we can find a way to meet both goals: aesthetics and the preservation of our environment.  We could consider having a special area to dry laundry, where we replant our trees from the holidays.  In that way, we’re helping contribute to the natural landscape, discreetly drying our laundry and allowing the community to remain beautiful and natural.

This movement is becoming so strong that Alec Blee started Project Laundry List, which has recently attained approved legislation for “right to dry” of your laundry outdoors.

I hope we can use our natural resources to help us with our day-to-day activities, while also allowing our communities to remain beautiful, and peaceful.