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The Pamela Positive: I Love This from David Bowie to His Son…\’Find the Thing You Are Passionate About\”

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We just posted about Duncan Jones, a film producer profoundly influenced by his father, David Bowie.  Bowie asked his son to “find the thing that you’re passionate about.”  Duncan had to search for many, many years to find that true calling.  He studied philosophy, attended different graduate schools, considered being a teacher. 
“You don’t realize how hard it is sometimes just to find that thing.  It took me a long time, but I found directing and I do feel passionate about it…I’m grateful to him [David Bowie] for giving me the focus to actually spend years trying to find that thing, because it’s been worth it now…”

Following his heart, Duncan Jones is now an accomplished English film director.  He is best known for his film debut, Moon, which premiered in April of 2009.  He is currently working on a follow-up movie to Moon, with plans for a third in the series.
May we all have terrific dadsmoms, and role models, who are great at their roles, and encourage us to follow our highest self and sincerest passion.


Duncan Jones is an accomplished filmmaker.  David Bowie is an English musician and actor, a major figure for the past forty years, known for his innovation and influence.