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The Pamela Positive: Love The Spiritual Value of Untouched Land…

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“There is a spiritual value to untouched land which cannot be measured.  It belongs to the people who have not yet been born.” —Dereck Joubert

What joy this brings me, to celebrate the preciousness of land… there is something so large and fulfilling to honor it.

We live on it, we are a part of it.

And when I see the vision of a large ocean, a beautifully expanding sky, or miles of untouched land… my heart just opens. It is a vision of breathing deeply; of seeing an expanded view of all that is possible in the world; of goodness, of hope, of purity. It is not at all material, but a spiritual vision of greatness.

And as Dereck and Beverly so beautifully point out with their lives, it relates not only to us, but also to our future children.  May they be able to honor this land as well, and leave some untouched for their children.
Dereck, with his wife Beverly, is an Explorer-in-Residence for National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative.  They are award-winning filmmakers, who have been researching and filming in Africa for over 25 years.  They emphasize conservation and, through the Big Cats Initiative, are working to protect big cats.