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The Pamela Positive: Rabbis Working for Rights

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What a beautiful testament to true peace across the world. Rabbis for Human Rights helps create greater understanding and compassion for Jewish and Palestian people, in hot spots across the world. 

They have some very specific programs which help people work together harmoniously regarding the land, specific to each culture.  Nicholas Kristof did an outstanding video on how rabbis help Palestian farmers plant olive trees. The olive trees have a particular spiritual meaning for Palestinians, and the Rabbis are demonstrating their respect and care for the Palestinian people by honoring their beliefs.  Of course, it also helps nourish the land and provide good food, as well.

If you\’d like to get involved in peace building, here are some ways you can contribute to peaceful communities.  Get Inspired!

Contribute to Peace-building Books

Build Peace at a Healing Center for Children

Support the Alliance for Peacebuilding