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The Pamela Positive: Sometimes People \”Need Help Believing in Themselves\”

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“People want to be good.  They want to be successful.  They need help believing in themselves.  Sometimes they just need help to get going.” —Kevin O’Connor

I love this because no matter what role you are in life, we all need confirmation. We need to know we are doing the right thing, or, simply that someone appreciates the good thing we\’ve just done. It\’s a continous flow of positive relationships and why we are here together in this world.  We are here to listen, support, encourage and help… and in thus doing, all help ourselves.   Most everyone, even the most curmudgeonly or negative person, wants to be good. They are simply hiding it.    So let\’s help everyone believe in themselves, and start with us.

Kevin O’Connor is the co-founder and CEO of, a comparitive search engine.  He also launched several technology companies in the past, including DoubleClick and Intercomputer Communications Corporation.