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The Pamela Positive: “Stay in your lane and don’t change you.” – Randy Jackson

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“Stay in your lane and don’t change you.”  — Randy Jackson

That’s what Randy Jackson, musician, executive producer for MTV and American Idol judge, told Scotty McCreery when he asked for advice.  Scotty, American Idol’s seventeen year-old tenth season winner, considers this the best advice he received on the entire show.

It’s a simple statement.  Yet while simple, it\’s something we need to remind ourselves of often.

Be who we are; we are beautiful as-is.  When we try to be someone else, we lose the \”unique us\” we bring to each situation, each person.

“Stay in your lane and don’t change you.”

Read more in The San Francisco Chronicle.

Randy Jackson is a musician and television personality.  He produced MTV\’s America\’s Best Dance Crew, and has been a judge on American Idol since its first season in 2002.  He has worked and performed with many well-known musicians and bands, including Keith Richards, Carlos Santana, Madonna, and Bon Jovi.

Scotty McCreery is a country singer from North Carolina, and the winner of American Idol\’s tenth season.  At seventeen, he is the second youngest American Idol winner to date.