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The Pamela Positive: “The Great People In Our Lives, Are Those That Love.”

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“The great people in our lives, are those that love.”

This sounds like people I want to be around. 

I want to be around people who are loving.  


We should have so many people who are loving around us.   That is our tribe, our community, our strength, our sustenance, our joy, and our relaxation.  It\’s a place, to just be me, to just be you, because there is so much love. There is so much love that you feel, in your tribe. 


Sometimes society says the most important things in life are:



Society Importance

A Degree

A Home

A Fancy car.


The success




all come from being around people we love.  


Let\’s Rejoice that 

All of us — from any backgrounds — have access to this love. 

Find loving people, and keep them close. 

If you don\’t have enough loving people in your life, start being loving

It will bring in more love to your life! 

Believing For More Love In Your Life,


Image: Fig 1. Photo by Duy Pham on Unsplash, Fig 2. Photo by tribesh kayastha on Unsplash, Fig 3. Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash