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The Pamela Positive: The Impact of Our Being SUNtrackers…

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Sunflowers must follow the sun. It\’s in their DNA. They literally are designed to track the sun.

Early in the dawn, they turn to the East to greet the rising sun. Motor cells beneath the flower guide the petals to orient toward the sun\’s light.

What the motor cells do is pump in potassium ions, which alters the pressure. As the pressure rises, the motor cells lengthen, causing a tilt. The flower is then greeting the sun.


What\’s interesting is that at dusk, the flower can \’go anywhere,\’ resting in any direction.


So what I am going to do today? Am I going to track the sun — without a choice? Adopting a positive and pure attitude, expecting the best…

Or I am going to let the direction of my thought —  rest anywhere?  Will I accept a negative suggestion from the world, someone else, or even my own thought?

Today I\’m going to track. Please follow the sun with me and let\’s make it a part of our DNA. We have to remember that it is ourselves — our own leadership and mindful decisions regarding our lives — which is the \’pressure of motor cells\’ to make this decision, every day.

If we track the sun together, pretty soon our whole world — even those embroiled in war, hurtful comments, crime, or gossip, will let go of their random orientation and unite with us.


Let\’s track for ourselves and the world. In fact, I\’m going to make a commitment to go get some beautiful sunflowers for myself in my home. I think I\’ll aspire to become a sunflower tracker, permanently.

Since Leonardo da Vinci was the first to describe this process, we\’ll close by featuring one of his most beautiful \’suntrackers\’.  🙂