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The Pamela Positive: The Perseverance of James Dyson

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James Dyson perseveres.  After 5,127 prototypes, he created one of the most successful bag-less vaccuum cleaners, with offices in nearly fifty countries.  One might even call him the Thomas Edison of our time–it took Edison approximately 10,000 experiments to perfect a light bulb.

One of Mr.  Dyson\’s greatest passions is in the pursuit of continual excellence.  What drives him every day is improving what we’ve already built.  “It’s a much harder intellectual process than flitting from one thing to another.”   Dyson\’s life is a testament to building value based on the relentless quest for improvement.

He’s also a big proponent of technology and the education that supports it.  “If you look at school children, in subjects such as design and technology, they love it and they’re brilliant at it….  But somehow, that gets drilled out of them, and children are missing out on something they could have enjoyed.”  Dyson points to the fact that Exeter produced a study demonstrating engineers are some of the most content professionals.

Dyson thinks it’s because it’s all-absorbing.   Dyson\’s absorption has clearly allowed him to make a profound impact.

Sir James Dyson is a British industrial designer, best known for his bag-less vaccuum.  He has studied art and engineering, and is the inventor of a number of other products, including the Dyson Airblade fast hand dryer.  The James Dyson Foundation encourages young people to study engineering.