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The Pamela Positive: \”We Don\’t Do Spiders\” – Advice from Timothy Sloan, CFO Wells Fargo

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\”When you look at the deal and its structure looks like an octopus or a spider, just don\’t do it.\” – Timothy Sloan in the Chronicle with Bloomberg

Timothy Sloan has it right.   He\’s talking about investment deals.  And what he means is he doesn\’t  do \’complicated.\’  

If it looks complex, he walks away.

It\’s one of the greatest and humbling lessons America is learning.  Be real – and have your investments be real. 

Investing is not about a bundled package of financial instruments which you can\’t trust.  It\’s about an investment in a person, a business, a house… something that is tangible, real and… simple.   I guess one of the questions we should ask is, \”Do I understand this investment?\”  

Complexity is out. Simplicity is in.   Let\’s become the butterfly again, and leave the spiders behind.