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The Pamela Positive: We Need Your Voice to Go Viral: Google\’s Speek2Tweet Takes Your Voice and Makes it Into a Tweet…Egypt and Tunisia Mobilize…

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Who ever thought we\’d have to go back to voice to be viral?

But as the Egyptian and Tunisian officials tried to quell their people from rising up, Google\’s Speak2Tweet stepped in.  These governments had cut off access to the Internet. So Speak2Tweet let voicemails from neighbors in the community be translated into Tweets.   Technology allowed them to have a voice and let the world know, and their family and neighbors across the world, their true stand.

Technology can be taken down.  But it can be reinvented.  The soul and quest for freedom, will find a way, even if we go back to putting a message into a bottle, that eventually lands on a shore, gets texted, tweeted and websited.   Voices for freedom will not remain silent.