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The Pamela Positive: What Links Us to One Another

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“It is the world’s religion, and not the world’s weather, that links us to one another.” – Eliza Griswold

Eliza Griswold has a personal mission to find where Islam and Christianity come together.  She traveled to many places along the 10th parallel, the longitude line 700 miles north of the equator: here the majority of Muslims live, as well as 60% of Christians.  As she relates in her book, The Tenth Parallel, religion can be what connects us all. 

She found in the special places along what she calls “the Fault Line,” where these two religions meet, that both religions have a commitment to know God intimately, and that there is a commonality in this spiritual grounding.

Thank you, Eliza, for your revelation, which helps us feel more connected across religions, race, ethnicity, and any type of background.

Griswold spent seven years traveling in Nigeria, Sudan, Somalia, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines.  You can read more about what links us together in her recent book “The Tenth Parallel.”  You can also read her interview with Christian Science Monitor editor Marjorie Kahe.