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The Pamela Positive: \”When You\’re at the Table, You\’re Open and Your Defenses Are Down\”

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\”People want that gathering together. The table is magical. When you\’re at the table, you\’re open and your defenses are down.\”

– Lidia Bastianich, host of PBS \”Lidia\’s Italy\”

Mealtimes seem to be a time of the past. We eat in our cars and desks or even holding a powerbar walking out the door… and yet Lidia points out how we can find deep caring and nourishment at the table.  It\’s not just sharing food, but also sharing of our hearts and feelings.  It\’s a time to be a sounding board and to have sounding boards…from people who truly care about you.  It\’s a time to relax, and yet also profound as some of the most important issues in your life may come out in a casual way.

Don\’t miss this time with your loved ones.  \”The table is magical.\”  Or I might add  \”The people at the table are magical.\”