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The Pamela Positive: Why Clif Bar Believes in Everyone, Everything, Early

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This is the beginning of our series on Clif Bar\’s positive CSR policies–good for business, the community and the world.  Today\’s post will be followed by more examples, so stay tuned!

Clif Bar believes in Everyone, Everything, Early.   It might sound overwhelming at first.  But it\’s actually the right way to do business. It\’s inclusive, thoughtful and economical; it also ensures you are an innovator.

Clif Bar\’s Triple E Approach:

A. Everyone

Bring all stakeholders to the table in the design process (think R&D, Brand, Operations, Sales & Sustainability).

B. Everything

Consider each step of the product\’s life cycle. Clif Bar doesn\’t believe in cradle to grave; they believe in cradle to cradle.

C. Early

Research shows the early stakeholder involvement results in greener products at lower costs.

Clif Bar, thank you not only for a great product, but also a great way and process of making your product.

Clif Bar sells energy bars, and does so while focusing on five bottom lines: sustaining the planet, the community, their people, their business and their brands.  Clif Bar is an inspiring example of a company that is socially conscious at every stage, from the ingredients they use to the packaging they sell their food in to the way they\’re engaging with the community.