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The Pamela Positive: Why Entrepreneurs Must Be Reasonable — and Unreasonable — To Be Successful

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When I say “be unreasonable” to be successful, I mean it from the perspective of thinking widely, innovatively, and globally.   In essence, don\’t think normally.
Unreasonable is not an attitude.  Unreasonable is a way of thinking differently.   And if we allow our thought to expand in new ways, we\’ll create an innovative product or new system, which also \’thinks in new ways.\’

And yet as a person, be reasonable.

No one wants to work with someone irritable, cranky, or simply not pleasant – no matter how brilliant or efficient they are.  Then there is also the grey ground: Where someone is sometimes happy, sometimes disgruntled, for that creates inconsistency in our experience. We all want to work with positive, expect- good, sincere people. And we want to be able to rely on them for that consistency in our time with them.

The ideal entrepreneur marries being unreasonable in his thinking with being extremely reasonable in his personal communications.  If you have that crackfire combination, you’ll most likely succeed.  True accomplishment in creating something new is based on unreasonable innovation, and, consistent, kindly client service. That’s the core of success.


Thank you to Luke Johnson of the Financial Times, who writes about entrepreneurship on a frequent basis.  He points to this in George Bernard Shaw’s quote, “All progress, therefore, depends upon the unreasonable man.”
Be reasonable and unreasonable in order to be successful.