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The Pamela Positive: \”You Know What My Favorite Word is Right Now? Gratitude.\” – Ted Danson, “Sam Malone” from Cheers

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\”I’m bad at giving advice because I’m not sure people want to hear my advice.  You know what my favorite word is right now?  Gratitude.  Be grateful to what it is that you have and be excited for what’s around the corner.  But remember to be grateful.  There isn’t a human trap or foible that I haven’t fallen into.  Keep getting up.  It’s worth the trip.\”

                                                                – Ted Danson

“Sam Malone” from Cheers, CSI, and The Good Place


What a great reminder from a superb leader. Ted Danson has made us laugh in his prolific comedy series “Cheers” which won 28 Emmys out of 118 nominations1. He’s also made us serious as the supervisory investigator on CSI, and as the Arbiter of Heaven in the Good Place. On the screen, he makes us smile, he makes us laugh, he makes us come to terms with who we are.


Off the screen, he’s had three marriages and an affair that “blew up all of his relationships.” That made him rethink everything about his relationships.  He had to work on himself. He had to think differently, slow down, and became more thoughtful. Then, he met his third wife and love of his life, Mary Steenburgen. They have now been married 23 years, and are recognised for the devotedness to each other.

What a tribute to successful living! Sometimes you can have a successful career. And then a successful personal life that blows up… but…

You can get back on track!

So even if you feel like you fell in a hole


You can get back up out.


Ted Danson did, and he’s living his best life today.

Learn from all the people around you. Some have calm lives and then a deep ditch. Don\’t stay there. The goal is to clamber right out of them! In all cases, these are superb lessons learned on how to live a more successful life.

Thank you, Ted Danson, for sharing openly about your life. We’re so glad to see you keeping us entertained, smiling and loving life. We are grateful for your positive spirit!



Edward Bridge Danson III (born December 29, 1947) is an American actor and producer who played the lead character Sam Malone on the NBC sitcom Cheers. During his career, Danson has been nominated for 17 Primetime Emmy Awards, winning two; ten Golden Globe Awards nominations, winning three; one Screen Actors Guild Award; and one American Comedy Award and has been awarded a star on Hollywood\’s Walk of Fame. Danson has also been a longtime activist in ocean conservation. In March 2011, he published his first book, Oceana: Our Endangered Oceans and What We Can Do to Save Them, written with journalist Michael D\’Orso. Danson has been on a vegan diet multiple times, but he currently adheres to a pescetarian diet.

On October 7, 1995, Danson married actress Mary Steenburgen, whom he met on the set of the movie Pontiac Moon in 1993, and became the stepfather to Steenburgen\’s children, Lilly and Charlie, from her previous marriage to actor Malcolm McDowell. 

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