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The Power of Focus

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This is a recent message I sent to my team about the power of focus.

Team, I’d like to share a bit of practical inspiration today.  From Eric Schmidt of Google:

“I keep things focused on what we do best.  A successful man is the average man focused.”

Thank you for adhering to standards of excellence, attention to detail and high levels of client service in all that we do.

Enjoy the day!


If you have the ability to focus, you have the ability to achieve excellence.  If you care sincerely about every aspect of the process, from beginning to end; if you care about listening to every member of your team who is involved; and if you take time to focus on keeping your standards high…

You will win.

You will win excellence.

You will win respect of your colleagues…and yourself.

You will win excellence and the joy that comes with a sincere giving of yourself.