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The Wisdom of Ecuador: The Indigenous Ask: Where Do the Companies Come From? (Part Seven)

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This is the seventh of an eight-part series on my volunteer trip to Ecuador. This is an unedited account of a personal journey and will be followed by stories from a few more of my international volunteer trips. Many of the experiences on these trips would become the impetus for founding UniversalGiving™. 


The Indigenous of Ecuador Ask:  Where Do the Companies Come From?

Heartfelt Culture and Power Interests

But back to the conflicted feeling when I first came in this community…much of the work of the Pachamama Alliance is to help the indigenous, who do not have land rights and titles to defend themselves against the corporations.  Dear Don Raphael, Walter, asked: “Where do these companies come from?”

And one has to answer that probably 60-70% of the companies come from the U.S. And about 60-70% of the help, and aid, and volunteerism outside of Ecuador… comes from, the U.S.  Our country is one of the most divided powers – both sharing and taking away according to our heartfelt culture and power interests. 

El Bosque Te Come

And then back to time on the Amazon, as we traveled….it was extremely powerful… you flow on this smoothly flowing river which seems so calm but is extremely revealing of intricacies and richness and depth – the noises – the animals – the moistness of the air which would cause you to relax…the lapping of the water…the warm earth tones vibrant forest green and smoothly brown watered river…..balanced with the piranhas and anacondas in the river.. I swam one day, and they told me later “Oh don’t worry about the piranhas – they only eat humans if they see blood or are hungry. They have plenty of food here and are never hungry so they don’t need to eat humans here.’ 

Thank you so much.  No more swimming for me.  I love that our American and Ecuadorian guides were so at peace. Have fun!

They often say after long periods “El bosque te come.”  “The forest will eat you.”  It is powerful and holds a beautiful or collapsing presence on you.


You can take action.  Support projects in South America:

Give $10 to plant a tree in the rainforest
Give $25 to give water to a villager
Give $115 to give light to a villager
Volunteer in conservation in Ecuador
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