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\”There is No Door That Enough Love Will Not Open\”- Emmet Fox (Part Two)

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\”Remember that hardly anyone except a few philosophers suspected the existence of electricity, or the power of the steam, until a few generations ago, then these things were brought into the service of man and have transformed the world. The laws of Nature were just the same then as they are now; only people did not know that such a force existed, and so they had to go without. I believe many of the limitations and difficulties that people take for granted will be things of the past.\” – Emmet Fox

Just as we know that electricity exists, or that the sun doesn\’t truly set, we are coming to realize there are other limitations we need to let go of.

Do you realize the power of love ? I am not speaking of a fruity type of love.

I am speaking of a force – a principle – that when put in action, can heal anything.

\"\"Emmet Fox, wise leader, knew this and spoke to thousands of avid listeners about it during the Depression. Love, with a Capital L, can heal relationships, lead the pathway to a new job, outline your purpose, speed healing. Do not accept deadends in any area.

This commitment to overcome old beliefs, and expect the best, is a lovely way to be.

Be loving today. And, believe in the power of Love as a governing Principle in life.

Emmet Fox was born in Ireland. His father, who died before Fox was ten, was a physician and member of Parliament. Fox attended St Ignatius\’ College, a Jesuit secondary school near Stamford Hill. He became an electrical engineer. However, he discovered early that he had healing power, and from the time of his late teens studied New Thought. In 1931, he became the pastor of The Church of the Healing Christ in New York city, founded by Dr. W. John Murray in 1906. His Sunday morning lectures at the Hippodrome Theatre, the Manhattan Opera House and Carnegie Hall were attended by over 5000 people. His meditations were powerful and his sermons never lasted more than twenty minutes. He spoke to, and of God in the most personal and intimate terms.

Over six hundred thousand copies of his book \”Sermon on the Mount\” have been distributed and are still popular today. Fox became immensely popular, and spoke to large church audiences during the Depression, holding weekly services for up to 5,500 people at the New York Hippodrome until 1938 and subsequently at Carnegie Hall.

The influence of Emmet Fox is that he is so widely read my ministers of all denominations. A check in large denominational bookstores in various cities from time to time has revealed that Emmet Fox\’s books are in constant demand and nearly half a century after his death, the writings of Emmet Fox remain influential.